Toxic is an exciting new drama feature film coming to streaming platforms in 2024. We are currently casting for the roles outlined below.

1. Ron Jackson - Nice, physically fit black male round 5’10”. Clean cut, disciplined, serious, and about his business. He comes off as a nice guy and very genuine.
2. Church Woman - Black woman late 20s or early 30s, ultra conservative in appearance.
3. Hector - Sarcastic latino guy around age 35 or 40 who works as a construction foreman for Ron.
4. Afrocentric Woman - A late 20s or early 30s spiritual black woman dressed in African clothing and head wraps. She’s into astrology and metaphysics, and weed.
5. Ron’s Mom, Mrs. Jackson - She’s a well-dressed drama queen in her late 50s or early 60s with an extra air of importance.
6. Hood Woman - Black woman around age 30, single mom, extra hood in her demeanor, long nails, fake hair, waist trainer, tight dress wearing, big eye lash wearing woman with a bad attitude.
7. Darius - Ron’s friend, black man working class/professional type guy. Very down to earth. Big teddy bear type guy.
8. Chris - Ron’s friend, black man professional type guy. He’s a bit more business than Darius, but street.
9. Darius Girlfriend Woman 1
10. Chris’ Girlfriend Woman 2
11. Jennifer - Racially ambiguous and beautiful bartender. She appears to be a nice and sincere woman but is actually a psychopath who enjoys using and tormenting people. She likes to control people and make everything about her. She is about money and flossing and must be the center of attention.
12. Police Officer
13. Lawyer
14. Delante - Jennifer’s side piece. He’s a tall, attractive ex-con with a very friendly and laid back demeanor.
15. Man on Street - A drunk black man with a bad attitude.
16. Earline - Dark skinned black woman around age 30 who is a nerd at heart, but tries to appear
as a hot girl to compete in the current dating market. She’s a nice person pretending to be
street sophisticated. Her nickname is Earl, named after her father, Earl.
17. Spa Supervisor - Earline’s boss
18. Mr. X - Goofy hit man hired to kill Ron and Earline.
19. Mr. Y - Goofy hit man hired to kill Ron and Earline.
To apply for any of the roles above, send your acting resume, reels, headshots and any other helpful info to . Please specify which role you are interested in and address "Toxic" on the subject line.